On a Break to Italy

Good food & Good wine? Hop on to Italy!

How about a weekend sitting outside on a cobble-stoned street enjoying the simplest but most delicious spaghetti al arrabiata with a glass of velvety red-wine with men complimenting you for no particular reasons? If it sounds like a perfect break for you then you are one of me who spontaneously packs her bags and travels around from time to time.

It’s a known fact that Germany proudly shares its borders with 9 countries which opens plenty of doors for us, students who live in Munich. Starting clockwise from Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic we are spoiled for choice. Italy being our secondary neighbor adds some Brownie points!

People travel for lots of reasons. I enjoy doing everything listed below!

  • Chilling your life
  • Culture, Art and Architecture
  • Sun, Beaches, Cliffs and Mountains
  • Food and Wine
  • Vegetarian way of travelling and
  • the beauty of doing nothing

That being said, I have been to most of the popular cities in your Europe but never did those ‘must-do’ stuff, for example just because I am in Amsterdam I won’t force myself to Van Gogh museum if I am not in the mood or just because I am in Paris I won’t eat the famous crepes if I have no appetite for it.

As we focus on Food and Wine in this post, Italy is in the top of my list for obvious reasons.

Let’s talk about taking that scenic train trip all the way from Munich down to Italy, on a budget!

I am gonna introduce you to my world of travelling in the cheapest means possible. I love Italy but I ain’t have no money to travel on a plane? Well I got from Munich to Milan as cheap as 9,99 euros! (the bonus is you get to see the beautiful alps separated only by your bus windows). If you don’t believe me check out the links at the end of this post. If you are bit more positive on cash, you can go for the trains which make the travel a little more comfy.

Italian trip does not have to be just Rome. When it comes to Italy you are spoiled for choices in the north, too. Venice, Milan and Verona may be the most On-a-break-to-Italy-Venice-picture-Beitragsbildpreferred destinations, but the smaller picturesque towns like Como, Bozen, Padua, Trento or Treviso can offer the similar culinary pleasures as their big sisters! With wineries all over Italy you are never wrong wherever you choose to go. The smoothness of the grapes on your tongue with the sweet smell of berries and blackcurrants with either chocolaty notes or leathery feel with its rich purple colour is definitely gonna make you forget the name of the town you would be in!

Where I stay? Luckily I have made enough friends in Europe to crash on couches whenever I visit a place (best choice always), otherwise I use ‘couchsurfing’ when I have no cash on me and if I feel the need for bit of privacy, I go for youth hostels (links below).

Food: Most of my travel expenses are attributed to food! After all, that’s why I am here 😉 In cute little Italian towns you can find restaurants selling pizzas and pastas for less than 5 euros. What else could one ask for? Well if you are super social and love to get to know new people, the Italians are glad to invite you over for a meal and nothing can be as rewarding as that experience.

My favourites: Bruschetta, Mozzarelline fritte, Paninis, Pizza capricciosa with tomatoes, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, black and green olives. Spaghetti all‘ aglio with olive oil and garlic, Gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese, cannelloni with ricotta cheese and spinach. Panna Cotta, which is a sweetened cream dessert condensed and aromatized with rum, vanilla or berries.

Drinks: Espresso and Cappuccino, of course; Grolla dell’amicizia – coffee mixed with Italian liqueur called grappa served in a traditional wooden cup, which is a bliss! My absolute favorite though is the Italian hot chocolate which is nothing like the ones you find anywhere outside Italy. It’s pure chocolate, warm and melted in a cup that comes in all varieties ranging from full-milk chocolates, darks, whites to orange – and coffee flavored nuances.  I love it!

Wine: Just too many to list here. The best bet is to ask for house wines which are very special to the region you are visiting.

Special mentions: Spaghetti soaked in cheese bowl made out of freshly melted parmesan; Pasta with truffle mushrooms are an absolute treat to your tongue and belly with cream and crispy consistence is an out-of-world experience; worth the price tag they come with. The white truffles are rarer and hence more expensive, but I personally prefer the taste of the black tartufos!

We all deserve breaks from time to time – Buon Viaggio , bellezze!

Transportation: meinfernbus.de, ltur.de, bahn.de, blablacar.de
Accommodation: couchsurfing.com, airbnb.com, hostelworld.com, hostelbookers.com

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